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Welcome to Kitsolar

Registered trademark Nº 2.859.127


 We have over 20 years' experience in renewable energy systems. Our field of action includes System Design, Advice and Sale of: Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Inverters, Charge Controllers, Batteries and Accesories for Photovoltaic Systems. 


Photovoltaic modules convert sunlight into electricity.


Photovoltaic systems take advantage of solar radiation, an inexhaustible, non-polluting, local and silent source to obtain electricity. Their applications can be classified into two wide-ranging groups: remote systems, which are known as autonomous photovoltaic systems, and grid-connected systems.


Autonomous photovoltaic systems are used, among other applications, to supply power in isolated areas.

 The electricity produced by photovoltaic conversion in remote areas without mains supply is competitive with conventional systems, both economically and with regard to power supply reliability, and it is used to cover an specific electricity demand. 
 You can now consult the products we sell in our online catalogue. 

And you can also view some of them in our photo gallery in different systems.






Informative note regarding stand-alone systems and grid-connected own consumption systems («autoconsumo»)


Stand-alone or off-grid systems (without supply from the electricity company) do not have to pay any kind of tax except the VAT applicable to the purchase of the photovoltaic system, and they do not require any administrative license.

 Consumers who opt for the "autoconsumo" system must register in the Administrative Register of own consumption of electricity, but this obligation will NOT apply to those consumers with stand-alone systems isolated from the electric distribution grid, i.e., when there is no physical connection at any time with said electric distribution grid. 

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